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New British Design are working with Sandford Orchards on plans for their historic cider works

New British Design are working on the concept design for the transformation of The Cider Works in Crediton for West Country craft cider maker, Sandford Orchards.

The first phase of this project will create an inspiring and creative retrofit workspace for the home of Sandford Orchards. In addition to this, we will be re-imagining the bar area to create an interactive, engaging and flexible event space, as well as a great place to have a drink.

The Cider Works, in Crediton, Devon, were built in 1935 for the Creedy Valley Cider Company. Sandford Orchards have taken this beautiful old building and restored it to its original use, continuing its legacy as the beating heart of the Devon cider industry.

Sandford Orchards have a story which they are proud of and want people to hear. New British Design are developing an interactive customer experience for Sandford Orchards, which will communicate and celebrate their unique brand identity through architecture and design.

In 2018, New British Design were commissioned by Carlsberg to design and build an off-grid pub in the woods. With a growing reputation of delivering creative and unique bar areas for the food and beverage sector, we are excited about this new collaboration.

Sandford Orchards make Devon cider out of Devon apples, and only select apples grown within 30 miles of their press. With big things on the horizon, it should come as no surprise that Sandford Orchards want to select Devon architects within a 2.2 mile radius of their press!

Find out more about their cider at

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